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We are leading producer of Titanium Powders. Our titanium powder range includes two different types of titanium powder and a titanium hydride powder. These titanium powders use high-quality titanium sponge as a raw material, and are manufactured by means of gas-atomization or hydride-dehydride processes. The HDH process enables Titanium and Titanium alloyed material to be embrittled, crushed and sized into powder. Our company has been supplying HDH Titanium and Titanium alloy powder to medical, industrial, and aerospace markets for over 10 years. Because of the irregular shape of the HDH powder it is the material of choice for plasma coating on hip and knee implants in the medical market used by both OEMs and Contract Manufacturers. The properties of titanium powder give it a very wide range of uses. In particular, it is used as a material for powder metallurgy, or as a getter, but its application scope is steadily expanding. The quality of our titanium powder is highly rated by users worldwide.

The Titanium powder and Titanium based alloy powder are high purity and good density. They are essential powder materials for metal 3D printing (laser/electron beam selective melting), aerospace key components and biomedical titanium alloy implants (surface treatment).

We can provide kinds of titanium alloy powders with customized sizes. If you didn’t find what you want, please contact us by email