Product Name : Quality Timothy & Alfalfa Hay

Product Price :

Product Details :

Compressed Bales of Alfalfa or Timothy Hay

Big bales est. wt. 120lbs $15.00, Small bales est. wt. 60lbs $7.50

Discount for buying bulk, 1 block (24 small or 12 big bales)=$170.00 (est. 1500lbs), ton (32 bales)= $220

Pick up / delivery can be arranged

You won’t be disappointed, check around first then give us a call.

We guarantee the product, if you have a bale you don’t like we’ll replace it…..

No questions asked…..

 Product Specification

Quantity Available: 3000 Bale / Months
Sold by the:  Bale
Min. Order:  20 Bale
Bale Type: Square / Round
Bale Size:  4×4
Binding:   String / Netwrap
Length/Height:     4″
Weight:  120 lbs
Fertilized: Nill
Sprayed : Nill
Storage Method:  Barn Stored-Fully Enclosed