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This product is full of nutrition.

It is rich in amino acid, peptide and vitamin and so on.

The crude fiber in soybean meal has been depredated and softened effectively, so it can remove the action of the anti-nutritional factors and the nutritive element can be made the most. The soybean meal can promote the growth of the pig, poultry and ruminant animals effectively, improve the micro-environment of the intestinal canal and enforce their immunizing power. As the result of this product can improve feed conversion ratio and the utilization rate of the nitrogen, ammonia and indoles compound in animal waste will reduce greatly and improve the raise environment.


Percent Composition
Non-dehulled Dehulled
Protein, minimum 44 47.5 – 49
Fat, minimum 0.5 0.5
Fiber, maximum 7.0 3.3 – 3.5
Moisture, maximum 12.0 12.0
Anticaking agent, maximum 0.5 0.5
Ash less than 7.5%
Acid insoluble ash (silica) less than 1%
Lysine more than 2.9%
Protein solubility index 0.2% KOH 73 – 85% (or more if urease is within specification)
Protein dispersibility index 15 – 40%
Urease activity .02 – .30 pH unit rise
Trypsin inhibitor < 4 mg/g of meal
Bulk density 57 – 64 g/100 cc
Screen analysis 95% through #10 mesh
40 – 50% through #20 mesh
6% max through #80 mesh
Texture homogenous, free flowing, no lumps or cakes, not dusty
Color Uniform particle colors of light tan to light brown
Odor Fresh, not musty, not sour,not like ammonia, not burned
Taste Bland
Contaminants Free of urea, free of ammonia, free of mycotoxins and mold


25 Kg and 50 Kg P.P Bags.