Product Name : Demerara Sugar

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Our  Demerara Sugar with regards to quality is the best , fit for human consumption and also meet up with the international standard for exportation
Our sugar meet the USDA standards and are inspected by the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis  (ICUMSA).  The Sugar are freshly produced from the latest crop , processed and packaged in accordance with GMP principles under sanitary conditions.


Refined Standards ICUMSA 45
Polarization:99.80 degress min
Ash Content :0.04
Solubility:100% dry and free flowing
color:sparking white
Granulation:Fine to medium
Magnetic particles :4mp/k
Sulphur dioxide:20mg/kg min
Sediments :none
Smell:free of any smell
Reducing Sugar:0.05%max
Hpn Staph auresusn:nil
packing:according to buyers requirement