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We are Specialized in Natural Bee comb Honey , Polyflower honey ,acacia honey,jujube/berry/date honey, buckwheat honey, linden honey and other Pure Natural Honey.

The producing area of our products is located in Oldo province , Turkey which is far away from the industry area , and there are no Chemicals in our beekeeping. There is no pollution there and the environment there is very beautiful. We commit that all of our products are derived from natural material , which don’t contain any additives.


1.Honey is one of the easiest foods to digest.

2.Honey is widely used in many cough syrups because its smooth, thick texture soothes throats.

3.Since honey has the ability to readily absorb air, it is often used as a moistening agent in baking.

4. Honey comes in all types of colors and flavors. The color and flavor of honey depends on how old the honey is and the kind of flower.


Our Comb honey is the purest, rawest honey available. You cannot get more “raw” and “natural” than comb honey.


Because the honey is still in the comb and has not been touched by man, it contains every bit of pollen, enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics that the bees produced in the hive. There’s no filtering, processing or rearranging of the raw product by human hands.


While the “untouched honey” aspect is awesome, the real appeal of comb honey isn’t just the ultra raw honey in the comb, but the actual comb itself. The wax cells of the honeycomb are not only edible but very beneficial.  also contains even more of the allergy alleviating properties that honey is well known for.


Color From white to amber
Moisture ≤18.5%
Reducing Sugar ≥65%
Sucrose ≤5.0%
F/G ≥1.2
Glucose Content ≤34%
Diastase ≥8.3
Ash ≤0.5%
Acidity ≤0.2%
HMF ≤40