Product Name : Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Granules

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PVC is a durable and long lasting versatile plastic with a variety of end segment applications. It is available in both the forms rigid and flexible, which are durable and light-weight can be clear or colored. They are applicable for a variety of uses in end segment.



Our line of lead-free PVC Compounds includes a large family of both plasticized and rigid compounds specifically designed for various applications. We produces a wide range of standard compounds and develops customized compound on demand. Both soft and rigid PVC granule allows for a gamut of applications, such as seals, food grade bottles, injection molding, bath mats, hoses, cable tunnels, pipe fitting,price tag profile,window and door frame and more. 

Our company’s decades of experience and state of the art R&D facilities allow for fast response to unique customer needs. With tight quality control and premium-grade formulas that comply with the most recent international standards, We are geared at supplying the granules that best match its customers’ requirements.