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Our nuts meet the USDA standards and are inspected by the Dried Fruit and Tree Nuts Association (DFA) and the General Directorate for Agricultural Production and Development (GDAPD) .  The nuts are freshly produced from the latest crop and are processed and packaged in accordance with GMP principles under sanitary conditions.
Our Cashew Nuts are well acknowledged and distinguished for their freshness, long shelf life and natural taste.
Our Cashew nuts are all natural, supreme sized nuts and they make a healthy snack that’s packed with protein, fiber, calcium, zinc, and antioxidants. Medical research shows that Cashew nuts can lower the risk of heart problems because they’re a good source of monounsaturated fats.
Our Cashew nuts is offered to the international markets in various grades and a variety of sizes such as, WW180 , WW210 , WW240, WW320, LP, WS, W450, LBW, SW320, SW, WB, SS.. etc