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Molasses Meal an cattle feed raw material ,which is attained from ‘A’ Grade Sugarcane Molasses. In Turkey, our product is known as Molasses Meal / Molasses / Molasses Fodder / Cattle Feed Pre Mix . whereas in other countries it is called in various names like Sweet Bran or Molasses Bran etc. The necessity for molasses has become vital in Cattle feed . Molasses meal ensures perfect growth of cattle and aids in yielding fine milk in cattle. Such transitions made the feed manufacturing companies to use molasses meal as a significant feed ingredient instead of using liquid molasses. May Group International Limited reins a top spot as the leading supplier of molasses meal in Turkey. We also rein a preceding place in the meal molasses manufactures in Europe as well. Molasses Meal a product which provides an balanced mineral nutrition system in cattle’s and calf’s at an very affordable cost.

Molasses Meal helps cattle’s For getting the proper levels and ratios of all of the 14 essential minerals which needed for health, growth and reproduction.The customization of quality of molasses meal can be done according to customer requirements all the materials can be packed in 50 Kg Laminated PP bags or in bulk packing system or any other mode according to our customers requirements. The right feed and the right amount gives a proper result in your cattle’s use molasses meal in your cattle feed production .