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Size for Tomatoes

These are typically supplied in varying size grades, with the following sizes being the most usual:

  • Size MMM:  40mm – 47mm
  • Size MM:  47mm – 57mm
  • Size M:  57mm – 67mm

Common Quality Defects Found in Tomatoes

We break quality defects typically into major and minor categories, with no tolerance recommended for the former, and a small tolerance recommended in the latter.  This would typically be in the region of 5% – 10% of a pack by either weight or count.

Tomato: Major Quality Defects

  • Mould / Rot / Breakdown
  • Pests or Insects
  • Disease / Fungal Growth

Tomato: Minor Quality Defects

  • Sizes outside of the stated grade (see above)
  • Colour not meeting the specific ripeness requirements
  • Surface Scarring or Russetting
  • Minor cracks to the Surface
  • Minor signs of age such as wrinkling and softening fruit

Distribution Temperatures for Tomato

Distribution temperatures for this product are usually between 12°C – 15°C

It should be noted here; that in most mixed product distribution scenarios, Tomato along with most other fresh produce is grouped into the chilled storage and distribution network which would be expected to run below 6°C.


Packed in open topped corrugated cardboard boxes of 6kg