Product Name : FRESH ONIONS

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Size for Red Onions

Minimum diameter 60mm.

Common Quality Defects Found in Red Onions

We break quality defects typically into major and minor categories, with no tolerance recommended for the former, and a small tolerance recommended in the latter.  This would typically be in the region of 5% – 10% of a pack by either weight or count.

Red Onion: Major Quality Defects

Mould, Rots or Breakdown

Pest Damage, Infestation, Taints or Foreign Bodies

Red Onion: Minor Quality Defects

Defects in size and shape not affecting the overall appearance of the product

Skin or colour defects not affecting the life of the product, not exceeding 1cm sq. and not affecting internal quality of the product

Absence of outer skin, light staining to outer layers

Storage Temperatures for Red Onions

Storage temperatures for this product are usually between 0°- 4°C

It should be noted here, that in most mixed product distribution scenarios, red onion along with most other fresh produce is grouped into the chilled storage and distribution network which would be expected to run below 6C.


10kg, 15kg, 25kg Mesh Bags and Cartons.