Product Name : 100% Pure Desi Cow Ghee

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We make 100% organic ghee from grass fed cows. This product is hand-crafted using an open flame. The ghee itself is made in small batches, guaranteeing freshness and flavor. Each 32-ounce jar is specially crafted to have a longer shelf life, ensuring freshness at every use. The quality of our products is unmatched due to its long and slow clarification process. We are extremely proud of our product, promoting the ghee to be one of the highest sources of CLA due to the use of the highest quality organic butter. This tasty ghee has a delightful aroma and leaves no unpleasant aftertaste.


Lets compare some of the other features:

  • Our ghee is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and acids geared to protect your body, improve digestion, and help you lose weight.
  • The buttery rich flavor is delicious.
  • Sugar and gluten free product.
  • This product is all natural and non-GMO.
  • Contains Omega 3 and 8, Vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Made from grass-fed cows’ milk.
  • USDA, CCOF, and Kosher certified